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Immunohaematology Gel System

Manual System

Work station for manually processing DG Gel®cards and test tubes. Comprises of Centrifuge, Incubator and Card Reader

manual system

WADiana Fully Automated System

WADiana® Compact autoanalyzer constitute an integrated system for fully automating processes in immunohematology laboratories and hospital blood banks.




Erytra® is a fully automatic, high speed, high capacity instrument for performing pre-transfusion compatibility tests using gel technology. The instrument’s excellent self-organizing capacity optimally handles and executes all the different steps needed to perform blood group typing techniques and to screen for unexpected antibodies.


D)  Grifols Gel Card Technology

8-column gel card based on the column agglutination technique for blood typing and investigation of unexpected antibodies.

Clear Card Technology is the culmination of Grifols’ years of experience in the field of Immunohematology. By carefully selecting and treating raw materials we have developed a uniform, homogeneous and consistent gel with exceptional clarity.

The combination of a high-definition gel and the new design of the reaction column gives the laboratory technician clear results.

Clear Card Technology is not only a gel treatment technique, but also a new concept for a new product: DG Gel®, a new standard in the column agglutination technique.

Grifols DG Gel®
DG Gel® ABO/Rh
DG Gel® ABO/Rh (2D)
DG Gel® ABO/Rh (2D)
DG Gel® Confirm
DG Gel® Anti-D
DG Gel® Rh
DG Gel® Rh + Kell
DG Gel® AB (x4)
DG Gel® Coombs
DG Gel® Neutral
DG Gel® Neutral/Coombs
DG Gel® Anti-IgG
DG Gel® CT
DG Gel® DC Scan
DG Gel® Neonatal

Grifols Red Blood Cells

Grifols red blood cells for the determination of unexpected antibodies, reverse group and controls

 Auxiliary reagents and solutions

ESolutions, diluents and other reagents that complete the Grifols IH reagents System.

DG Gel® Sol
Low ionic strength solution (LISS) for 0.8% red blood cell suspensions

DG Cell Media
Red blood cells preservative solution, for preparing 0.8% red blood cell suspensions used with DG Gel® cards.

DG Papain
Papain solution for enzyme testing on DG Gel© cards.

Diana Fluid A
DianaFluid A is a saline-base solution used, once diluted, for internal washing (fluid system and probe) of “in vitro” diagnosis devices, together with DianaFluid B.

Diana Fluid B
DianaFluid B is a tensioactive solution used, once diluted, for internal washing (fluid system and probe) of “in vitro” diagnosis devices, together with DianaFluid A.

DG Dispenser Plus


Main characteristics

  • Attachable to different types of bottles.
  • Convenient for dispensing DG Gel® Sol diluent from the bottle precisely and safely when preparing RBC suspensions.
  • Easy to use volume adjustment control.

DG Pipette

HMain characteristics

  • One load can dispense multiple deposits of selectable volumes: 10 µl in 40 wells, 25 µl in 16 wells or 50 µl in 8 wells.
  • Easy access to the bottom of commonly used test tubes.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.
  • The removable tip system makes it easy to remove the tip after use quickly and safely.



Immunohematology Easy Fast Reliable Multiparametric 10 parameters, 1 drop, 5 minutes. MDmulticard® is an innovative card based on lateral flow technology for the rapid determination of blood groups to assure RBC-compatible transfusions. This card allows for simultaneous multiparameter testing in a single assay, providing stable end-point results without centrifugation.

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