The SensaTONE is an ultra simple, yet powerful digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS). Compact, stylish and designed for use by women of all ages to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
PFS helps to strengthen the pelvic floor by passing mild electrical pulses via an internal vaginal probe to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Women with strong pelvic floor muscles enjoy greater control over their bladder, increased vaginal tone and greater sensation during intercourse. One in three women suffer from some form of incontinence during their lives. It occurs most commonly after childbirth.

 Key Benefits

sensa tone

  • Large LCD user display for ease of use
  • Recommended by Professionals
  • Safe and Simple to use
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

What is included?

  • 1 x SensaTone unit
  •  1 x lead wire
  •  1 x sachet of lubricant gel
  •  2 x AAA batteries
  •  Instructions
  •  Soft carrying pouch
  •  1 x Neck cord

Technical Specifications:

sensa tech

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