NovaSure, HOLOGIC, U.S.A

NovaSure® System – Endometrial Ablation System for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Hologic Surgical Products Division markets the NovaSure System, an innovative endometrial ablation device to treat menorrhagia, or excessive menstrual bleeding. One in five American women suffers from abnormal menstrual bleeding. Treatments for abnormal menstrual period range from hysterectomy and hormone therapy, to endometrial ablation. The NovaSure® procedure includes a minimally invasive treatment for abnormal menstrual bleeding. The actual treatment takes just about 90 seconds.


Novasure RF Controller



NovaSure RF Device (Also referred to as NS2000)


NovaSure Advantages

The NovaSure procedure is safe and comfortable in either the operating room or the office setting. Unique radiofrequency impedance-based technology delivers customized, proven patient results.
Proven Outcomes

Outstanding results from the market-leading global endometrial ablation system:

  • 97% avoidance of hysterectomy at 5 years
  • 9 out of 10 patients return to normal levels of bleeding or lower
  • 93% patient satisfaction in pivotal trial
  • Superior results in comparison studies with other global endometrial ablation modalities


Advanced Technology

Impedance-based technology customizes patient results

advance technology

The NovaSure System:

  • Offers a consistent depth of ablation, regardless of endometrial thickness, customized to uterine cavity size
  • Is the only system with a proactive safety check prior to procedure to assess cavity integrity
  • Requires no pretreatment and is not cycle dependent

Safe & Comfortable

A safe, comfortable procedure in either the OR or office setting

  • Average 90-second treatment time
  • No uterine distention
  • 73% of patients in the pivotal trial received IV or local sedation
  • Post-procedural pain and cramping rates:
  • 97% of patients experienced no procedural pain at less than 24 hours
  • 99% of patients experienced no procedural pain from 24 hours to 2 weeks

The NovaSure Procedure