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ThinPrep® Pap Test – Cervical Cancer Screening

A) ThinPrep® Pap Test System– Cervical Cancer Screening

- ThinPrep 2000 Processor

Thin prep 2000The ThinPrep 2000 Processor is an automated slide preparation unit used with the ThinPrep Pap Test for cervical cancer screening and can also be used for non-gynecological specimens such as for the diagnosis of cancers of the lung, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract, and in the preparation of fine needle aspiration of thyroid and breast.

- ThinPrep 5000 Processor

thinprep 5000The T5000 Processor is part of the ThinPrep platform.  It is a ”walk away” processor which significantly reduces the time required to process specimens, freeing up a technician’s time for other tasks while specimens are being processed.  Systems with these efficiencies are an integral part of a lean pathology lab.

B) ThinPrep® Pap Test Kits
- Gynae Consumables Items

i ii iii iv iiv
i) PreservCyt® Solution for use with the ThinPrep Pap Test1 box containing 300 vials 20 ml in each 2-oz. vial ii) GynTransCyt® Filters (clear)1 box of 500 filters iii) ThinPrep® Microscope Slides1 box containing approximately 72 microscope slides (1 /2 gross) iv) Broom like collection devices

1box of 500 broom-like device.
iv) Cytobrush/Spatula collection devices1box of 500 Cytobrush/ spatula device.


- Urocyte Consumable Items

Ui Uii Uiii Uiv
i) UroCyte Urine Collection Kit           Box of 20 kits ii) UroCyte FiltersBox of 100 filters iii) UroCytePreservCyt Solution Vials                              1 box containing 300 vials 20 ml in each 2-oz. vial                iv) UroCyte Microscope SlideBox of 100 filters


- Non Gynae Consumable Items





i) Non-GynTransCyt® Filters (blue)1 box of 100 filters ii) ThinPrep® Microscope Slides1 box containing approximately
72 microscope slides (1/2 gross)
iii)1 Box containing 4 Bottles946ml of PreservCyt Solutions in each 32-oz bottle iv) 1 Box Containing 4 Bottles946ml of Cytolyt Solutions in each 32-oz bottle


C) ThinPrep® Pap Test – Imaging System

ThinPrep Imaging System

ThinprepThe ThinPrep Imaging System represents a significant advance in diagnostic capability, with two unique components for comprehensive and accurate cervical cancer testing.

The ThinPrep Pap Test offers several advantages over the conventional pap smear, including improved disease detection and testing for HPV, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea and Trichomonas straight from the vial, and the ThinPrep Imaging System with Dual Review offers additional advantages over manually reviewed ThinPrep Pap Test slides.

ThinPrep Integrated Imager

thinprepintergrated“The ThinPrep integrated imager is designed to provide the small and medium volume laboratory access to the most effective and efficient cytology screening technology available, while allowing them the flexibility to address their specific productivity and throughput needs.” The majority of laboratories in Europe would fall into the small or medium category.

The integrated imager analyzes a ThinPrep Pap test slide in approximately 90 seconds, during which time each cell and cell cluster is scanned. Using optical density analysis, the integrated imager identifies diagnostically-relevant cells or cell groups and then stores coordinates of the 22 fields of interest. These 22 fields of interest are presented to the cytotechnologist for interpretation. If no abnormalities are identified by the cytotechnologist, the slide can be signed out as negative or proceed through the laboratory quality control system. A complete slide review is required if the user detects any suspicious cells within the 22 fields of view. This dual review process combines human interpretative expertise with the power of computer imaging.

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Cervista® HPV

Cervista HPV HR is the first FDA-approved high-risk HPV test designed to detect all 14 oncogenic strains of HPV and reduce false-positive results associated with low-risk cross reactivity. In addition, Cervista HPV HR contains a unique internal control to validate that sufficient DNA is present for testing. With Cervista HPV HR, you can be more confident in your HPV test results.


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