Our core business is the sales and marketing of medical, healthcare and biotechnological products including Clinical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and Medical and Scientific Devices. We supply, install and provide technical support to various products such as Clinical  Diagnostic kits for detection of various infectious diseases ranging from hepatitis B, Aids, cancer etc. Our Molecular Biology products essentially are research reagent such as gene splicing reagent and molecular cloning reagent for Research & Development institutions. Our principal activities are as follows:

Clinical Diagnostic Division

We supply medical scientific devices and related reagents for biotechnology, scientific projects and hospitals. We also supply for research & development institutions, educational institution and companies and multi range of diagnostics kits for detection of various infectious diseases.

Surgical Products

We also supply surgical consumables product in treating for Menorrhagia or Heavy Menstrual Bleeding that is quick, simple and safe technology specially for Obstetrics and Gynecologist.

Maintenance and Support Team

Our products are supported by a team of experience, trained and dedicated personal that will provide 7 days support to client in Malaysia.

Healthcare Divisions

We also supply consumables & disposables for hospital or medical use.